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We reached the 230 downloads in two days, Soon there will be a update with even more features!


SuperCommands is currently full in development, But in the feature this would be a great plugin that will make it much easier for every server owner, The config is gonna be hudge with great apportunity's! I'm gonna make daily update's on this plugin but im still looking for some help, So if you like to help me out with this great plugin please leave a respond.

Commands that are finished:

/scThe main command of SuperCommandssc.mainsupercommand
/wSend a private message to a playersc.whisperwhisper, msg
/heal <playername>Heals the target or himself with /healsc.healNone
/suicideKill yourselfsc.suicideNone
/listList to look who is onlinesc.listNone
/mute <player>Mutes a playersc.muteNone
/kick <player> <reason>Kick a playersc.kickNone
/afkLet it know if you're AFKsc.afkNone
/fly <player>Toggles fly for yourself or for another playersc.flyNone
/gamemode <mode> <player>Toggles gm for yourself or for another /
/god <player>Toggles a modus where you cant die or get killedsc.god / sc.god.othersNone
/clearinventoryClears you're inventorysc.cici
/broadcast <message>Sends a message to all players onlinesc.broadcastNone
/kill <player>Kill a player of choicesc.killNone

Commands made but will be released next update

/ban <player> <reason>Banning a playersc.banNone
/seeinv <player>Look and or update a player's
/hatPut a block as you're hat!sc.hatNone
/nick <nickname>Change you're name, Color supported!sc.nickNone
/hide <player>Hide yourself or another person from being seen!sc.hide / sc.hide.otherNone
/hideallHide everyone from being seen!sc.hide / sc.hide.otherNone

Commands planned to work on

/tp <player> <toplayer>Teleport a player to another player, Also can be yourselfsc.tpNone
/msgspyToggles a mode where you can see the current MSG'ssc.msgspyNone
/give <player> <item:value>Give's a player an item of choicesc.give / sc.give.otherNone
/kit <kitname>Kit's can be made in configsc.kit.<kitname>None
/setspawnSet the player spawn to location of choicesc.setspawnNone
/spawnSpawns on the player set spawn locationsc.spawnNone


# SuperCommands      
# Use [player] to put in a players name.
# And use & for color code.
# This plugin has been made by DeCyRed.
# Please dont try to hide any credit.

     joinmessage: '&2[+] &a[player] has joined the server'
     quitmessage: '&4[-] &c[player] has joined the server'
     enabled: true
# if enabled is on false the custom message's will set to
# default.
    line1: 'Welcome [player]!'
    line2: 'Line2 MOTD'
    line3: 'Line3 MOTD'
    line4: 'Line4 MOTD'
    line1: 'true'
    line2: 'true'
    line3: 'true'
    line4: 'true'
# Above you can set the standard motd to something else
# Here you can use color codes with & too.
commandprefix: '&6[SC] &7&k:|:&r&7 '
banmessage: 'You are banned [player]'
kickmessage: '[prefix]You have been kicked by [newline][player]'
kickmessage2: '[prefix]You have been kicked by [player] for [newline][newline][reason]'
chatformat: '[player]: [message]'
# Ues /sc reload ingame to reload this config

This is the default config, Feel free to change. ( In-game use /sc reload to reload config!

Other Features

  • Trying to let commands like /kick or /mute ( featured /ban ) work with console.


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