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Teleport in style! This plugin creates particles and plays sound effects when players teleport. The effects are fully customisable.

Please note! This plugin (and a lots of others) uses Java 8 and will not run if you have a lower version installed. Visit to update.


  • /styletp (or /stp) - Toggles the effects for the player who typed the command


  • styletp.use - Allows the player to have effects when teleporting (Default: Everyone)

Please note: If you don't want a specific group/player to have access to the plugin, give them the negative permission node -styletp.use

It is the same as the above but with a minus in front of it.


  • sound - The sound played when teleporting (Type it as it's here: Sound list)
  • sound-pitch - The sound pitch
  • sound-volume - The sound volume
  • particle - The particle effect played when teleporting (Type it as it's here: Particles list)
  • message-enable - The message sent to the player when enabling the effects (Supports color codes)
  • message-disable - The message sent to the player when disabling the effects (Supports color codes)
  • message-no-permission - The message sent to the player if they try to use the command without permission (Supports color codes)
  • number-of-particles - The number of particles that get spawned. Don't set it too high or to a negative number because the server or client may crash.


This plugin sends statistics to They are available for anyone here. The information being sent is detailed here. This information will be used for improving the plugin's features. You can disable sending information by opening /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and setting opt-out to true.


You can view the source of the plugin on GitHub.


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