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I made StormCodes because my favorite plugin that was used in this manner, CouponCodes, was discontinued last time I checked, so I have decided to completely re-code it and start from the ground up. This plugin has the ability to automatically generate completely random codes. Once a code is generated you have the full ability to customize what rank the user receives as a bonus. My goal of this is simply to provide a frequently updated, reliable, plugin that suits the needs of server owners like myself.


  • /scode - View plugin credits
  • /scode help - View all available commands
  • /scode list - View all active redeemable codes
  • /scode gen - Generate a brand new code
  • /redeem <code> - Redeem a valid code and receive the rank specified in the plugins config.

Download stable build


  • V 1.0 - Released Plugin with 0 counted bugs or load errors


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