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SQLinv - two-way synchronization of inventory to mySQL

Current version: beta1.2 (download)

Requirements: MySQL 5+


Allows you to store the entire inventory in the database and dynamically change it, whether it is inventory management from the website, whether the change in inventory in the game - all changes will be recorded and entered into the database. With this plugin you can do shop on website, cheat control cheaters, moderate flow of the action.

Now plug-in brings things to the database when picked up, or craft items, as well as removes the object from the database when discarding it out of inventory. When death (spawn) is reset objects in the database that eliminates cheating. At the entrance to the game plugin takes the database objects and replaces them standard inventory, that is, if the plugin could not connect to the database, then the player will be able to use standard inventory.

Commands (for OP's):

/sqlinv reload - reload configuration file


# Storage Settings
  engine: mysql           # setting for the feature, do not use now.
  host: localhost         # host for connect mysql
  user: root             # user for connect mysql
  password: ""            # password for connect mysql
  db: test               # database for connect mysql
  table: SQLinv        # table for connect mysql, create if not exists

More information:


Data format

Parse DataFormat on PHP


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