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Player/server statistics


  • Very customizable alerts for whatever event you want to listen for from blocks being placed, removed, interacted with, or even players moving if you wanted to for some reason
  • High performance, minimal performance hitting code
  • Automatically turn it on with permission spyplusplus.onjoin to save yourself the time of typing it out
  • Open source, hack up the code to make it what you need it to be or even add support for your own events if you want to monitor things from your own plugins


  • /spp: toggle SpyPlusPlus alerts for you


  • spyplusplus.toggle: allow toggling SpyPlusPlus alerts
  • spyplusplus.onjoin: SpyPlusPlus alerts automatically when player joins

Data collection

Anything and everything shown at http://mcstats.org/plugin/SpyPlusPlus/view will be visible to the public with your server included in the statistics. This is only for statistics, no private information of your server is sent. If you don't want your server included in this, specify the config option "MetricsDisabled" and set it to "true" in the config.


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