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In SpyPlus 2.0, the possibilities are endless. Stored Inventories. Spy Panel. Teleportation. Bypass Permission Nodes. And Much Much More!

How Does It Works?

It's simple, just install the plugin, and it's ready to go! To take the most advantage over this plugin, please see the commands section for a list of commands, and the permission section to see a list of permissions to maximize your experience using SpyPlus.


/spy - Turns the sender into spy mode instantly! Saving their entire inventory for when they leave spy mode (by retyping the command), setting their gamemode to create (will be reset to survival when they exit spy mode), vanish the player to everyone online(except if bypassed, see a list of permissions for this), and allows access to the /spypanel command!

/spypanel - This command makes the entire plugin worth using, if you are in spy mode and use this command, a menu will appear, with a list of random users that you can teleport to, by just simply clicking on their head. (Picture at the bottom).


spyplus.mode: description: This permission node will allow access to the /spy command!

spyplus.bypass: description: This permission node will allow the user to see players that are in spy mode!

spyplus.panel: description: This permission node will allow access to the /spypanel command!

spyplus.notify: description: This permission node will notify the player if a user went or left spy mode!

To-Do List

  • A more advanced spy panel, containing more panel features.

Be Notified

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http://i.imgur.com/EOehM34.png ^ How the Spy Panel looks. All the heads are players that you can teleport to.

Video Tutorial

Here is an awesome video tutorial explaing how SpyPlus works, created by BlazeX344!


Simple, just post it in the comments below, containing information about the bug, e.g what caused it.


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