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SpoutClock - The Time Display Plugin: Version: v1.0.0 Author: Waterpicker Description: Displays the in-world time in real-time


  • It displays the in-world time in realtime
  • Depends on Spout and lib24time
  • toggle for time display /spoutclock
  • Has three time displays(AM/PM, 24 hours, Time of day)
  • Permission node for it "spoutclock.enable"


  • Move the clock to the other side of the screen.
  • Color change ability

Source Code - not available yet.


-Version 1.0.0

  • SpoutClock is released -Version 1.5
  • implemented lib25time
  • added configuration file
  • fixed toggle log off issue
  • added three options for time display..

-Version 1.5_1

  • fixed bug caused by a change in how bukkit makes configuration files

-Version 1.7

  • added the ability to make display only available while holding a clock


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