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A spawn plugin which allows you to set spawns and go there! And you also have a Random Spawn system!


4 years of my first plugin. I couldnt be happier! I have grown a lot in programming, i made new and better plugins, and I keep amazing myself with new and new features (in StaffFacilities). So thank you people for downloading my plugins, and helping me to improve.


  • You can set a spawn.
  • You can go to a spawn
    • Also you can /spawn [player].
  • The spawn has a delay system which players will have to wait without moving and making/receiving damage.
    • This can be disabled in the config.yml and bypass with a special permission.
  • Spawnx is compatible with Essentials /back command!
  • You can random spawn
    • It has a prevention feature so you dont spawn in lava or water
    • It prevents you from spawning inside blocks
    • Added cooldown
    • You can config some aspects of it in order to improve performance
  • Spawnx works with bStats
  • Spawnx has a system to notify updates!
  • Spawnx has config.yml folder
  • You can translate Spawnx messages into your language
  • Now Spawnx has localization, you can set either English or Spanish. More languages will come if people help me to translate!
  • You can set permissions
  • More features will be added. Please give ideas!
  • Made for Java 8 or +.
  • Support checked with 1.8.*, 1.9.*, 1.10.*, 1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.* and 1.14.* (Plugin is always tested with latest Bukkit version)


  • /setspawn Set a spawn point
  • /spawn [player] Teleports you to the spawn point
  • /spawnx Get help about the plugin
  • /randomspawn Teleports you to a random spawn point (Up to 1000 blocks far)
  • /nearrandomspawn Teleports you to a near random spawn point (Up to 500 blocks far)
  • /farrandomspawn Teleports you to a far random spawn point (Up to 4000 blocks far)
  • /massiverandomspawn Teleports you to a massive random spawn point (Up to 8000 blocks far)


  • spawnx.* Access to all spawn commands
  • spawnx.spawn Access  to /spawn command. Default: Everyone can use it
  • spawnx.setspawn Access to /setspawn command. Default: OP's can use it)
  • spawnx.delay.bypass  ;   Access to bypass the delay when you /spawn or /hub. Default: OP can get it
  • spawnx.cooldown.randomspawn ;   Access bypass the randomspawn cooldown. Default: OP get it
  • spawnx.randomspawn.* Access to all random spawn commands.
  • spawnx.randomspawn.near Access to /nearrandomspawn. Default: OP's can use it
  • spawnx.randomspawn.normal Access to /randomspawn. Default: OP's can use it
  • spawnx.randomspawn.far Access to /farrandomspawn. Default: OP's can use it
  • spawnx.randomspawn.massive Access to /massiverandomspawn. Default: OP's can use it


  • Default its setted so you dont necessary need to use a Permissions Plugin
  • RandomSpawn commands are setted only for OP's because maybe you dont want everyone using them. For now you will need a Permissions Plugin for users to use Random Spawn. In the future i will add signs manipulation and you will can use Random Spawn in singsn.
  • When you Random Spawn, if the server has lag maybe you will see you are in the sky but you are not, thats because the map is getting bigger and the server is lag.

Ideas List

  • Spawnx will enable/disable commands
  • Add fireworks when people /spawn
  • Add a Sign System where you can go to Hub, Spawn, and use Random Spawn.
  • Give ideas!

Have a look at my other plugins!


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