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SpaceCraft is the unique plugin that allows you to explore the Minecraft space. Launch artificial satellites in orbit or send ships to the free space. Sending satellites will give you special features: maps of the world, free stone or andesite and other rare minerals. The plugin is in alpha stage, i am working hard to add features and fix known bugs. WARNING: the plugin creates an empty world called "SpaceCraft". Is only a debug world and did not damage other worlds or the server.


  1. Download the plugin;
  2. Copy it to the plugins folder of your server;
  3. Be sure to have installed WorldEdit;
  4. Start or reload the server if is already running;
  5. Done!


  • /sat create [name]
  • /sat launch [name] [altitude]
  • /sat delete [name]
  • /sat panel [name]


  • spacecraft.sat.*
  • spacecraft.sat.create
  • spacecraft.sat.panel