Snow Ball Fight

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Jan 30, 2013

Owner: DustedHam

Snow Ball Fight

This is an arena based snowfight mod.

when you join an arena you will be randomly assigned a team. if all the arenas are full you will be placed in a waiting queue until a player leaves. if all arenas are empty you will also join the queue until another player joins.


Here it is 1.8.1 !!!! please post bugs, and help us test! this is an ALPHA BUILD, be warned.


Quick Start Guide

Current Features

  • Red and Blue team spawns
  • Coloured team armour
  • Round system
  • Fancy scoreboard
  • Multiple arenas
  • World independent arena system
  • Global queue
  • Arena specific queues
  • Mobs don’t spawn in arenas
  • Multiple spawn areas
  • On server quit, player inventory is restored
  • Neat command hints when you do something wrong, or haven’t done something yet
Possible, but only in config files
  • Set mob spawn in arena on / off
  • Set max Team DeathMatch score
  • Set max players

Current Gamemodes

  • Team DeathMatch

Planned Features

  • Team Switching (just needs the command. we’re lazy.)
  • Team Scramble (just needs the command. we’re lazy.)
  • Toggle friendly fire
  • Snow dropped on "kill"
  • Melee Kills
  • Respawn time
  • Set starting amount of snow
  • Multiple game modes per arena (only one possible though :p)

Planned Gamemodes

  • Elimination mode
  • Capture The Flag
  • Capture Point
  • King of the Hill
  • Flying Bees
  • >>Open for suggestions<<


/SBFPlayjoins a game
/SBFPlay [arenaName]joins a specific game
/SBFQuitQuits the current game
/SBFAdminadd arena [arenaName]Makes a new arena with given name
/SBFAdminget arenasShows all arenas
/SBFAdminset max players [players] [arena]sets the max players of the specified arena
/SBFAdmindelete arena??? magic ???
/SBFAdminget friendly fire [arena]Shows friendly fire of an arena
/SBFAdmintoggle friendly fire [arena]toggles friendly fire for an arena
/SBFAdminget active arenasShows all playable arenas
/SBFAdminget inactive arenasShows all unplayable arenas
/SBFAdmintoggle [arenaName]sets an arena (in)active
/SBFAdminadd spawn [arenaName] [teamColour]adds your current position to the spawns of an arena
/SBFAdminget spawn [arenaName] [teamColour]Shows all spawns from an arena
/SBFAdmindelete spawn [arenaName] [spawnNumber] [teamColour]deletes given spawn
/SBFAdminadd gamemode [gamemode] [arenaName]adds given gamemode to arena
/SBFAdminget gamemodes [arena]Shows all gamemodes from a given arena
/SBFAdmindelete gamemode [gamemode] [arenaName]??? magic ???
/SBFAdminset border [arenaName] [1 / 2]sets the border points of an arena (think of worldedit “/pos 1 / 2”)
/SBFAdminget border [arenaName]shows the border coördinates of an arena


  • SnowFight.Player - Give this to groups you want to be able to play the game
  • SnowFight.Admin - Give this to groups you want to be able to use admin commands

Note: For more on setting permissions, read up These Docs or maybe here


if you Have any bugs please post them here. Issues. You can also purpose Ideas with the issues tracker but please label them as such.

If You're Interested...

If your interested in supporting us you can do so by watching my stream DustedHam Thank you


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