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Welcome to Sneak Racer! The plugin that allows you to race using your sneak key (shift). Create wool tracks and partake in championships against your friends and your foes!

Wool paths can go up or down and turn. If there is only one direction to go, you will automatically be oriented in that direction. May the best sneaker win!

How to use video


/sneakracer : While standing on Wool, this turns you into a Sneak Racer. Press without holding the shift key to move, repeat to move more blocks. Use the command again to return back to normal. Red wool moves you forward 2 blocks.


  • RoadBlock : Determines which block is the race road. By default Wool (35)
  • BoosterValue : Determines what block value the booster block have. By default Red Wool (14).

Things to do

  • Add a finish line block type. Will also need to set check point(s) so people don't cheat.
  • A configuration for number of laps.
  • Verify possibility of giving a price. I've never hooked in an economy plugin yet so not sure how difficult it is.


Version 1.1

  • Added PermissionsEx support
  • Fixed configuration for 1317

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.