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Filename Simplicity.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser7056196
Uploaded Dec 4, 2011
Game Version CB 1337  
Size 19.40 KB
Downloads 843
MD5 75de79a0200cc6299237a10782d6b4aa
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1337


  • Updated plugin to support PermissionsPlus and PermissionsEx. This does not remove support for Bukkit's Built-in system. All nodes remain the same.
  • Corrected the permission node for /stop command (Was "simplicity.reboot", changed to "simplicity.stop"). When updating, continue using the same nodes as before unless you used "simplicity.reboot".
  • /weather now uses "storm" instead of rain, due to snowing in snowy biomes. Usage: /weather [sun/storm] <duration>

No known caveats.