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SimpleAntiGrief - Simple Config Options To Protect Your Server
Version: 2.0 (Revived)
SimpleAntiGrief is very simple plugin that lets you set some config options to customize the damage and placement of certain blocks on your server. Just change the config options to true and your world will be protected. A blacklist is also added in v1.1, which blocks placement of certain blocks. The config and blacklist have been re-done, so please pay attention if you are updating!


  • TONS of easy to understand configuration options to protect your server
  • Permissions to override certain options
  • Includes Creeper nerf, TNT nerf, and Mob nerf.
  • Blacklist to prevent certain items from being placed.
  • Blacklist to prevent certain items from being broken.
  • Option to kick people on placement of blocks.
  • Option to kick people on breaking of blocks.

See configuration page

See blacklist page


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