This plugin adds two commands for teleportation and gives the players a notification who has teleported to them or who you have teleported to.

Configuration /Install

There is no Configuration! Just Download the .jar Place it in the plugins folder and run the server! There wont be a new folder in plugins because its not needed!


  • The tpme.tp gives you permissions to do /tpme <player> and /tpme <player1> <player2> and the help command!


  • /tpme for help!
  • /tpme <player> to tp to Another player + gives notification to the tped player
  • /tpme <player1> <player2> tp the first player to the second player + gives notification to both player1 and player2

Todo List:

  • Make so that you can tp to coordinates
  • Make a /tpmeh or /tpmehere so you can tp someone to you with one easy command
  • Make permissions because at the moment everyone can use the commands (should come soon)