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Simple Staff Chat

Brief Description

What this plugin basicially does is that it allows one to privately chat, only those with the required permission will be able to see any of the messages. The reason I chose the name "Simple Staff Chat" for the plugin is because I see it most useful for a private staff chat, where all staff can communicate without having any messages exposed. "Simple", because it's an extremely lightweight plugin that basically everyone can use.

Updated to 1.11+!

You can now toggle on staff chat just by using /sc.

Commands & Permissions

"staffchat.use" - '/sc <message>' - its aliases are: '/staffchat', '/staffc'

"staffchat.see" - the permission required for one to see the messages

'/simplestaffchat' - requires the permission: "staffchat.use"

I would suggest adding the permission: "staffchat.*" to every player/group in order for it to function completely for them


PvPdog - only creator and developer


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