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Signs. They can be fun...

...but some people find the need to use them for evil! Are you tired of having griefer wannabes coming on your server, and posting inappropriate messages on signs? Well, then SignSpy is the plugin for you! When a sign is placed, it send the admins (or anyone with the permission) a message, which tells them who placed it, where it was placed, and what it says.


Simply install! This plugin has no config to set up!


  • Instantly know who placed a sign, the coords, and what it says.
  • Use to help catch those pesky griefers!
  • Permissions Support!

To Do list:

  • Don't send message if the sign is blank.
  • Add a filter, so that harmless signs don't send a message. (Maybe.)
  • Various bug-fixes.

Latest Revision:

  • Added new permission node. (signspy.ignore)

Important Pages:

Permissions << A list of the current commands, and their permissions. VERY helpful!

Major Changes Log << Change log for number increments. (Does not include revisions, like 1.0r5...)


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