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Welcome To SignInColors


Note: v3.0 has a new feature to repeatedly update the time/online amount on the sign - enjoy!


For SignInColors Servers List Click Here If You Want To Join The List Please PM Me.

This Plugin have used DarkBladee12 ParticleEffects Library Link To The Library Note: you do not have to install the library on your server. The classes of the library are already in the jar of SignInColors.





What is it SignInColors?

Commands & Permissions & More:

  • signincolors.use - will allow access to all signincolors current features.
variable line description
<player> 0-3 The variable will be changed to your name
<time> 0 The variable will be changed to the amount of the ticks in your world repeatedly
<location> 0 Line 0 will be changed to the world name and line 1-3 will be changed to your X,Y,Z
<online> 0 The variable will be changed to the amount of the online players repeatedly

Before SignInColors is installed:

After SignInColors is installed:


Hope You Will Love The Plugin

If You Want Anything To Be Added Or Report A Bug Please Comment Below


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