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Shrines is a religion warfare plugin. You can create a religion, and use WorldEdit to select a temple. You then set shrine points, and each shrine will give players special effects if they are within a set radius. This plugin requires WorldEdit, if you do not want WorldEdit you can put it in the servers root directory, but you will be unable to select a temple's area. This plugin was made for the server, but I have made it publicly usable.


  • Everything is customizable.
  • Create religions in the configuration.
  • Select different effects for a religion from a list of effects.
  • Select a requirement for the effect to be active, as well as being within a configurable amount of blocks to a shrine.
  • Option to automatically remove people from religions after a period of inactivity, lowering file size.
  • Ability to show the players religion in chat.
  • Option to restrict friendly-fire.
  • Ability to allow players to drop heads on death, which will look like the players head if placed. (Removed! See CraftBook instead)
  • Walking into the temple will teleport you to the closest shrine.
  • Automatically updates to the latest version.
  • Optionally have shrines auto-spawn with the world!
  • Reports to Plugin Metrics.


Click here for info on commands.


  • Possibly an option to allow claiming of areas.
  • Possibly a per-religion chat.
  • Usage of Scoreboard API


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