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SimpleFeatures is all your server needs! It is aimed for server admins who want to have as vanilla experience as possible, but still have simple teleportation system and many other commands. This project is open source, so feel free to fork it and do some improvements.



  • Separate inventory for creative and survival
  • MySQL support (optional)
  • Built-in MultiWorld manager
  • Chat commands: /me /msg /reply /send /read /clear /sendall
  • Teleportation commands: /tp /tphere /tpa /tpahere /world /spawn /home /abort
  • Other commands: /who
  • Administration commands: /adm /lastseen

Compatible plugins:

  • BedTime: AFK in /who list
  • WorldBorder: Teleportation outside of the borders is cancelled before it happens.

There is also a experimental client mod for this, you can find the mod and it's source here:

Please report all bugs you find in the github issue tracker. Thanks.