A simple plugin to protect villagers and related mobs.


SecurityVillagers is a plugin for Minecraft servers that allows the protection of villagers or any mob like iron golems, illagers, etc... You can choose which players/groups can attack/interact with mobs.

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Documentation of SecurityVillagers

Commands reference

Full permissions list

Full changelogs


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You can find the source code here.


Global features

  • 100% configurable
  • Supports from 1.8.8 to 1.14 MC version
  • Choose how to protect mobs
    • Globally
    • Individually
    • Factions claim
  • Mobs supported
    • Villagers
    • Iron golems
    • Wandering trader and trader llama
    • Illagers
  • Choose who and how protect from all types of damage
  • Prevent interaction/trades/eggs
  • Prevent planting/harvesting
  • Change age of mobs
  • Change profession of villagers
  • Change name of mobs
  • Teleport mobs
  • External plugins supported:
    • Factions and SavageFactions: Protect mobs inside claims
    • GlowAPI: Glow mobs on selection
    • ProtocolLib: Mute annoying villager sounds

External features

  • JSON messages supported
  • Async calls (database, commands and more)
  • Statistics system (bStats)


Parties is based on 2 main commands, party and p. You can change them from config.yml.
You decide what Parties will become, if you are looking for a clan plugin, just change from party to clan.

SecurityVillagers uses /sv command. You can change it from config.yml.

Full list of commands here.


Before start to use SecurityVillagers you should setup permissions, you can find the full permissions list here.


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SecurityVillagers offers a great documentation to help you to configure it. There you can find everything that you are looking for.

These are some examples:

How can I install SecurityVillagers on Bukkit/BungeeCord?

Download some translations