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~ Script a personalized experience for your players with this simple plugin

This plugin is currently in development


I am currently not sure where this plugin is headed. If you have any ideas for the applications of the current feature set, please leave a comment.
- Signs
- Scoreboard
- Chat
- Holograms

Currently added features

Fully functional scripting
Add your own placeholders
Execute scripts with commands
Script scheduling (survives restarts)
Variable saving and management (survives restarts)
50+ standard variables
100+ funcational variables (functional means it will accept inputs)
Includes additional placeholders for (Factions, Economy, Chat, Enjin, Essentials)
Keywords (the framework for having scripts do things)
Event tracking (scripts can get the current event)
Instant in-game documentation, search and help
Friendly debug messages (togglable) to assist scripting


For a list of placeholders in game, use /spp list
- You can search for something using /isp list <word>
For help on a placeholder us /isp help <placeholder>

Click here for the online list of PLACEHOLDERS.

For a list of keywords uss /isp keywords
For help on a keyword use /isp help <keyword>

Click here for the information about KEYWORDS


ALIASES: /spp /script /scritping

List of commands
/scripting help

Descriptive information about a placeholder or keyword
/scripting help <placeholder|keyword>

Returns a boolean (true/false) of an expression
e.g. /scripting if 1+1=2
/scripting if <expression>

Returns the result of an expression
e.g. /scripting eval 56*26-13 /scripting eval <expression>

Execute a script for yourself
e.g. /scripting exec cmdop warp castle;cmdop nuke
/scripting exec <script>

Execute a script for another player
/scripting player <player> <script>

Execute a script for every player on the server
/scripting all <script>

Set a variable
/scripting gvar <varname> <value>

Set a line of a sign
/scripting setline <number> <value>

Set a line of a sign to the result of an expression
(useful for entering unicode characters)
/scripting putline <number> <expression>

List the placeholders for the plugin
(enter a word for <search> to list all matching placeholders) e.g. /scripting list factions - list the placeholders for the plugin factions
/scripting list
/scripting list <page>
/scripting list <search>

List the keywords that can be used in scripts
/scripting keywords
/scripting keywords <page>

Enable a disabled placeholder
/scripting enable <placeholder>

Disable a placeholder
/scripting disable <placeholder>

Schedule a script to run after a set amount of time
/scripting schedule <timediff> <script>

Save the plugin (including variables)
/scripting save

Reload the config, placeholders, and language files /scripting reload


Loads of permissions (which I need to document)


- This project is 57% complete

I'm sorry about the lack of documentation...


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