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Logo This is a little nice plugin to make your own SURVIVAL battle.

About this Plugin

Tickets pls. here: If you want to play a survival battle with you friends or to setup up a survival battle server this plugin is what you need. You can start a game and then all players will teleport to a random position in a area, you defined in the config.yml. Now the player a able to build a little house and go mining for resources to be the best. After a while a op sets the pvp-mode to true and this is the moment every player should be carefully. Have a nice battle and enjoy this plugin! :D It's very simple, but they will come more options soon! You can download a sample map in future HERE.


I need some testers, Some people who want to translate the plugin from english into other language and some wiki writers. If you are interested write me a message or make a comment below.


At the moment:

  • config.yml (set worldname, min:x/y and max:x/y)
  • start command for ops (to teleport all players to a random position in the define area)
  • pvp command for ops (to set pvp mode)

In Final state this plugin will have:

  • multiworld
  • worldborder
  • random chests
  • and a much more trash for nice battels


  • /sbm Shows you some informations about this plugin (like a help).
  • /sbm start - Starts SURVIVAL battle and teleport all players to a random position.
  • /sbm pvp - Switches PvP-mode.
  • /sbm status - Shows you topical informations about the battle.


  • sbm.* - Allows you to use all commands from this plugin
  • sbm - Allows you to use /sbm command.
  • sbm.status - Allows you to use /sbm status command.
  • sbm.start - Allows you to use /sbm start command.
  • sbm.pvp - Allows you to use /sbm pvp command.

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