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Salary is developed by monnierant and Pymous to pay salaries to your player's group via a permission, by day of week or day of month.
Salaries will be paid on Timer. Logo was designed by Sy Gibbon !


  • Pay with a permission your player
  • Pay by day of week, or day of month
  • Offline's players will be be paid when they login
  • Define which day Salary will pay your players

How to Use

Its very easy to use, define which group have a salary with permission<groupname> and add it to your group!

Commands and Permissions

/salary payPay salaries (if they have not already been paid)
/salary listList all groupssalary.list
Sets groups according permissionsalary.get.<group>
/salary reloadReload Salarysalary.reload


      salary: 40
      dayOfWeek: 5
      dayOfMonth: 0
      lastPayement: 1411477241675
      salary: 60
      dayOfWeek: 5
      dayOfMonth: 0
      lastPayement: 1411477241675
      salary: 125
      dayOfWeek: 5
      dayOfMonth: 0
      lastPayement: 1411477241675
  playerPayed: 'You gain {SALARY} ! Good Job!'
  salary: Salary
  payDay: PayDay
  everyMonth:%s of month
  lastPayement: Last payement done on : 
  neverPayed: Never
  day1: Monday
  day2: Tuesday
  day3: Wednesday
  day4: Thursday
  day5: Friday
  day6: Saturday
  day7: Sunday
  • Settings:
    • SalaryDetails - Set your groups and salaries
      • salary - salary's amount
      • dayOfWeek - Set the day of the week will be paid salary (ex.: 1 - monday / 2 - tuesday / 3 - wednesday, etc)
      • dayOfMonth - Set the day of month will be paid salary Attention dayOfWeek will no longer be used.
      • lastpayement - DO NOT CHANGE THIS PARAM
  • messages - You can translate in your own language!


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License and sources

The source for Salary is released under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. You could find sources on our server Git


Salary's logo is designed by SyGibbon and is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0.


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