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This plugin is intended for pvp servers to make sure your players do not get spawn camped(killed over and over again at there spawn point) by an enemy.if anybody thinks this plugin should be more Faction plugin related comment and ill see what i can do, also any problems or ides post a comment and ill look into it :)

-if a player is killed repeatedly than he will be sent to server spawn to be sure hes not killed again and gives them a chance to recover.
-Configuration[MaxDeaths] if you want the players to die less/more before they are sent to spawn, just go in the configuration file.

MaxDeaths = 5 (its 5 by default but can be change)

None for now.

None for Now.

If people like this plugin ill keep it updated and ill be sure to make this plugin better and better further in the development. Ill be sure to add good suggestions too.

Author: me im tonyrod15 on bukkit ,but joegrizzly69 on bukkitDev.
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