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New inventory, pets and much more

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It's a demo version, and not updated, try Premium Version. Now with sale!


This plugin requires ProtocolLib to function! Some features also require Vault.
For normal display inventory, you want to add changed textures to your server resource pack!


You can find them here


Configuration example
Simple pet creation
Simple pet food creation
Simple slot creation
For plugin developers (API)


  • Support 1.7.10 and all 1.8.x versions
  • Slots for gloves, rings, amulet, artifacts and all what you want
  • Fully configurable slots
  • Pets
  • You can create custom pets and pet food
  • Pets can be disposable or may revive
  • System of buying inventory slots (money/lvl)
  • Dedicated slot for weapons
  • The ability to automatically "whip out" the weapon when attacking
  • No commands on the player side
  • Flexible and easy configuration
  • API
  • etc.

Planed features

  • Mounts
  • Backpacks
  • Purse
  • More slot types
  • Pet skins (now it's wolf)
  • Food with a temporary effect to pets
  • Your ideas?


English| Russian


  1. Copy .jar file into folder plugins
  2. Add changed textures to your server resource-pack
  3. Start server
  4. Configure config.yml and pets.yml and set flag enabled: true
  5. Restart server


/rpginvShow plugin commands
/rpginv updateUpdate plugin
/rpginv reloadReload plugin config
/rpginv list petShow pet list
/rpginv list foodShow food list
/rpginv pet [player] [pet]Gives pet to player
/rpginv food [player] [food] (amount)Gives food to player


rpginventory.adminAccess to all commands
rpginventory.containerAccess to open a locked containers

Recommended plugins

  • MoreItems- It allows you to create custom items (rings, artifacts, etc.)

Servers with RPGInventory

Your server may be here

Known defects

  • For the player's inventory used a modified texture of large chest, so chests had to be replaced by a modified texture of dispenser and dispenser blocked to open


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