Love, Murder, Agony and Famine

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Project will no longer be updated with new features unless there are specific requests to do so. So, this is the Final release until then.
Version: v1.0
Love, Murder, Starvation and Agony - The Evil plugin for RPG servers or general administration.

Mostly designed for RPG servers since all of the command I/O comes in RPG /me format, this plugin is an excellent alternative to Essentials in the manner of player management. Though the commands are very limited right now, I plan on making the plugin having upwards of 40/50+ features and commands. Posting an progress version of the plugin to see if the RPG audience is interested and if I should continue to expand this project. Project is fully functional.

Promotional Video Here:

Taking feature suggestions.

Current Commands:

  • /starve - Sets the food bar of the player to 0 forcing them to starve until they have 0.5 hearts.
  • /agonize - Engulfs a player in flame forcing them to burn until death or water is used to douse.
  • /love - Heals a player to full health through love.
  • /murder - Brutally murders a player.
  • /feed - Feeds a player to full hunger bar.
  • /ext - Extinguishes an agonized player.
  • /goto - Sends you to a player.
  • /bring - Brings player to you.
  • /lmaf - Shows command help dialogue.
  • /freeze - Disables a target's movement.
  • /sannoy - Rapidly scrolls through player slots when they move.
  • /shutdown - Shutdown your server, RPG style.


  • Easy access to the most important RPG commands which are most impactful on RPG players.
  • Easy to remember commands and contextual command outputs.
  • Welcomes the joined player with a rocket!
  • Daily/Weekly updates with new features!


  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.murder
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.agonize
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.starve
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.feed
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.ext
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.bring
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.goto
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.lmaf
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.freeze
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.sannoy
  • LoveMurderAgonyFamine.shutdown



  • Version v0.1
    Initial Release

  • Version v0.2
    Fixed an issue with syntax, would throw errors on null arguments.

  • Version v0.3
    Added new commands (Feed, ext)
    Added PluginTags
    Added WelcomeRocket

  • Version v0.4
    Added new commands (Bring, Goto)

  • Version v0.5
  • Small bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with login message displaying incorrect IP
  • Fixed Login Messages
  • Added Quit Messages

  • Version v0.6
    Fixed commands using player input as output on dialog.

  • Version v0.7
    Fixed faulty permission nodes.

  • Version v0.8
    Added /freeze

  • Version v0.9
    Added /sannoy

  • Version v1.0
    Added /shutdown


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