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111 Downloads Game Version: CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Need a fun trolling plugin to use for the hackers on your server or maybe you just want to have fun? Well here you have it. A fun trolling plugin that you can use and has unique features. Feel free to comment down any bugs you find and extra features you want.

Permissions & Commands

  • RICKTROLL.USE (Command > /RT <PLAYER>)


More features are coming up soon as I try and think of other cool features that I should add and if you have any features you want to suggest then feel free to comment them down below.

  • Summon invisible charged creepers
  • Kick player for fake hacks
  • Teleport player 1 thousand blocks up in the air
  • Replace players inventory to buttons

Other Info

Thank you for downloading my plugin and if you would like to make a video review about the plugin or want to make me a picture cover for the plugin then feel free to message me about it


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