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This plugin make possible to inject items or money in a mysql table, players just have to enter the command /redeem to get the items associated with their account.

English or french version of the plugin.

How to use :

You need the mysql connector in your /lib/ folder of the server (you can find the connector on mysql site)

Your need the Vault plugin.

Drop the plugin in your /plugins folder (english or french version).

Run the server and close it!

Edit the config file in /plugins/Redeem with your MySQL host/login/pass

Run the server, it should create the redeem table in your DB, to give something to a player just insert the player name in the field "player", in the field "item" just insert the item ID (or item ID:damage value) a space and the amount, if you want to give money insert "money" istead of the item ID. Exemple : INSERT INTO redeem(player,item) VALUES ('john123','35:14 64'); Give 64 red wool to john123 (john have to type /redeem in game) INSERT INTO redeem(player,item) VALUES ('tim','money 742'); Give 742 euro to tim (if your money in game is 'euro')

Note : if a player cant redeem an item because his inventory is full, he don't lose it! He just have to make some room and type the commande again.

With this plugin you can make web shop like on my website (in french) : test account : login = test , password = 123

Permission : redeem.get => allow to a group/player to use the redeem command.

To download it (alway the lastest version here! ), english, or french version (players messages are translated) :

French version

English version


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