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I created this plugin to make a convenient and realistic money management system.

This plugin has multiple features that make it easy to handle your money. This includes banks and signs that represent money called holdings signs.


Holdings signs act like a representation of money as a sort of item. Once placed, anyone can pick up the money in a holdings sign, just like anyone can pick up items. To make one, just make the lines as follows:


Death drops: When you die, a configurable percentage of your money is dropped as a holdings sign to make money more like items. This sign will have the second line as "Death of (your name)". By default, the percentage is 100%, but this can easily be changed.


Note: I make bank names not case-sensitive, and support spaces where possible, but otherwise use an underscore instead.

Banks can be made by ops to allow users to store money in a safe way. Different banks don't share a users money, and it takes a configurable set number of in-game days to transfer from one bank to another, which is 4 by default. To make a transaction with a bank, use the /bank command to choose what you want to do, then right-click the bank sign to complete the transaction. You can exchange money from currency items by simply right-clicking the bank sign with the item(s) in your hand. The item and their prices are configurable, but by default are gold($100) and diamond($300). It's also possible to take out loans from banks, with interest of course.

Making a bank: If you're an op, you can make a bank for users to access. First you must register the bank using /createbank <name>, then you can make a bank sign like this:


If you want to change the settings for loans (maximum, minimum, interest, etc...), then you need to use the /loansettings command. It will tell you how to use it in-game.


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