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RealJobs - RealStats based jobs plugin

Have fun with this jobs plugin, that can manage tons of minecraft player jobs thanks to the complete statistics plugin RealStats

  • persistent dynamic xp (gain xp even if you have no job)
  • fun bonus for experimented players


Commands for the player (short command)

  • /jobxp : show your xp for your various jobs (/xp)

Commands for the admin (short command)

  • /jobreload : reload the jobs.yml file (/jr)
  • /jobxp playername : show the xp of the player's job (/xp)
  • /setjob playername jobname : set a job of the player (replaces existing jobs, /sj)
  • /addjob playername jobname : add a job to the player (keep existing jobs, /aj)
  • /remjob playername jobname : remove a job for the player (/rj)


You can configure jobs that are available on your server with the plugins/RealJobs/jobs.yml YAML file. Beware ! YAML respect spaces !



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