RandomTeleporter 2.0.1 (1.7/1.8!)

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RandomTeleporter is a plugin that allows you to teleport randomly in the world you are standing in. This plugin is perfect for Factions/PvP Servers and for Survival. The Teleportation limit is of 5000 blocks away from where you are. You can just teleport with a single command (/Randomtp) or install other plugins that allows the insertion of the command in a Sign/etc.

New: The Plugins works for both 1.7 and 1.8! New: Added Custom Commands, Custom Messages and a new Command (Configurable) that allows you to get unbugged!



(/RandomTeleporter for a little HelpMenu)
There are 2 commands: /randomtp (It's Custom, You can change it in config.yml) , and there is no permission to run the command; and /unstuck (It's Custom, You can change it in config.yml) , and there's no permission to run it.



  • Adding Config for Custom Messages and Translations 3.0.2 - UPDATED
  • Adding Custom Commands And Messages 3.0.2 - UPDATED Adding Per-World Filter

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