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"Shut up, and stop asking me to spawn you music discs."

If you run a server, you have probably run across someone begging you relentlessly to spawn them music discs. Sure, you could hold contests and artificially spawn them in, but the simple answer is just to include them in dungeon chests, and make them drop from creepers like the green and gold discs do. As we all know, obliging a whining player once leads to further requests for them to spawn things for them. Just saying no repeatedly only keeps them from asking for so long, and there's only so many times you can say no without getting annoyed.

This mod will alleviate this particular headache, by checking the world for chests containing discs when that chunk is spawned, as well as checking creepers' loot drops for discs. It will then randomize the disc into one of the eleven others implemented in the game.

When a player asks for a music disc, tell them to start hunting some dungeons!


This mod checks only TileEntities on the spawn of a chunk. I've timed the loop, and my tests indicate that the loop itself is lightning fast. If this adds any CPU overhead to your world generation, it should be negligible.


  • Changes out music discs in world-generated chests, and when dropped by Creepers.
  • Will NOT modify existing music discs, and can be safely installed or uninstalled at any time.
  • Will change the type of disc given ONLY in chunks that have never been explored before.
  • Lightweight, efficient, and configuration-free!

Future Additions

Make a request! I'm always open for suggestions.

Known Bugs

None at this time. Please submit tickets!

Source code is also available on GitHub!



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