Random Teleport

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Filename RandomTP.jar
Uploaded by dpasi
Uploaded Dec 26, 2013
Game Version CB 1.7.2-R0.2
Size 13.95 KB
Downloads 8,444
MD5 a5a7441bd7ffb87b5efb22df98b81de2
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.7.2-R0.2


Version 3.0.0 - Christmas Special Update

  • Offers 1.7[.x] support!
  • Fixed config generation
  • Fixed Cooldown being in milliseconds rather than seconds
  • Removed SafeTeleport in place of an ALWAYS self teleport.
  • Players will never spawn in an ocean biome, river biome, or when their eye location isn't air (Some exceptions to the eye location)
  • Added alias /rtp
  • Added a SaveMe function to allow players who do get stuck to teleport to the highest block on the Y axis. (Command: /randomtp saveme or /rtp s)
  • Reformatted Text to be more pretty :)
  • Fixed Economy being derpy (You MUST have iConomy in order to use the Cost function of this plugin.)
  • Fixed X coordinate always being negative. Now both X and Z have a fifty / fifty chance of being negative or positive.
  • Allowed Sign Teleports to use a wood button instead of only a stone button
  • Preloaded chunks to help prevent lag :D (Still a but laggy though, working this out)

IMPORTANT: When updating to v3.0.0 delete the current RandomTP folder and .jar file and replace with the new jar file.

  • iConomy being the only permissible plugin allowing for cost removal
  • Attempting to teleport with a sign whilst Cooldown is enabled will ALWAYS reset the cool down back to the time in the config.