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311 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12

Add to your fun server some special Fishing Rods!


Fishing Rods:

  • RANDOM: Randomize fishing on water (little chance to get any item in game or fish a random mob!), and transform mobs and entities (item frames, dropped items, etc) into a random one
  • RENAME: Rename everything to your name
  • MOUNT: Mount on something or make something mount on you


  • English and Spanish support
  • Changes in config.yml are instantly updated as you save the file, even language changes
  • Other fishing rods unnafected by this plugin. They act like normal
  • Madness confirmed

How to Install:

  1. Place downloaded plugin into YourServerDirectory/plugins/
  2. Start server or reload plugins (it is safe to reload this plugin)
  3. Edit YourServerDirectory/plugins/RandomFishing/config.yml as wanted
  4. Save the edited file and you are ready to go (don't need to reload again! Changes take place at the moment)


  • Language: (en/es) [default: en]
  • Give all rods on player respawn from death: (true/false) [default: false]
  • Give all rods on player first join on server: (true/false) [default: true]
  • Randomize most destructive mobs: (true/false) [default: false]


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