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Allows you to rotate rail pieces so that you can turn that one annoying piece that won't go the way you want it to. To do this, right click on a rail with the type of rail you are trying to change or with shears. It also allows you switch out one type of rail for another by right clicking with another type of rail. An example would be that you placed a powered rail and want a detector rail, just right click on the placed powered rail with a detector rail and you are set.

Download: BukkitDev

Source Code: Github


  • railswitcher.admin - Allows use of admin commands.
  • railswitcher.switch: Sets all swap and rotate perms
    • railswitcher.swap: Allows swapping of rails.
    • railswitcher.rotate.tool: Allows rotating using the tool defined in config.yml
    • railswitcher.rotate.rail: Allows rotating using the same rail type.


  • /railswitcher - Main Command
    • Alias: /rs
  • /railswitcher reload - Reloads all config files.
  • /railswitcher perms - Op's and Admin's can use this to see the plugin's permissions.


See the full changelog on github.


If you are having any issues or encounter any bugs, check the issue tracker on github first, and submit a new one if needed.

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