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PvPGames Automated


Transform your server in a fully PvP experience with PvPGames.


  • Fully automated plugin.
  • A various types of Game Modes
  • Multi maps support.
  • Choose your maps by Gamemode.
  • Kit system with configurable config file.
  • Perks system
  • GeneratedMap with WorldBorder
  • TagAPI / iTag support. (Use this for latest Bukkit/Spigot version)
  • ScoreBoards
  • Vote System
  • Stats ( FlatFile and MySQL )
  • IconMen├╣ (kits and perks)
  • BarAPI features.
  • And much more

PvP Game Modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch (4 Team)
  • Deathmatch (Free For All)
  • Capture The Flag
  • Kill the King
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Kill the Target
  • Domination
  • Search & Destroy
  • Destroy the Core
  • Run Game
  • Reach the Point
  • Hunger Games
  • Cranked (Free for All)

PvE Game Modes:

  • Horde
  • Spleef


  • RemoteToolKit,MultiCraft Panel,or a simple bash script for restart the server at the end of every game.
  • You need to rename the line "system: world_dir: your_world_name" (inside config.yml) after the first start, with the name of the world you want use. This is just a precaution for prevent people to delete their world folder.


  • This plugin will delete your old world on every restart.

Config , Gamemode and Maps configuration

KITS Configuration and Example

Commands and Permissions

Others feature:

  • Use the compass for locate the interested points (flag,king,ecc)
  • Costumize your kit cost by (points or kills)
  • Perks,Broadcast message,Join message,Book,Sounds,Fireworks,Admin utilities,Random Chest,Bonus,Prefix,Signs([KIT],[JOIN])

Random (OLD) video on youtube created by random people:


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