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This plugin is based off of the Probending seen in the Legend of Korra series. It hooks into the Bending plugin to allow players to create teams based on their elements. Plugin is also highly configurable.

Source Code: GitHub (Feel free to alter code / create pull requests. DO NOT redistribute.)

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  • Bending (Required)
  • Vault (Optional (For economy features only))
  • WorldGuard (Optional (For region detection / match automation)).


  • Create Probending teams consisting of a variety of the elements.
  • Limit the amount of players in a Probending team.
  • Turn each element on / off (As to whether or not it is allowed to use Probending).
  • Probending Chat Channels
  • Hook into server economy.
  • Probending Clock to start timers on rounds.
  • Highly Configurable.
  • Create Probending Arenas. (Very BETA right now. Only supports naming / setting spawns / warping to arenas.)
  • MySQL Support for Storing Teams (Data can be imported from config)
  • Win / Loss Tracking
  • Hook into WorldGuard to create zones and automate matches.
  • Web Interface for MySQL Users Preview

Leave me suggestions for any features. Report any bugs.


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