Hello, Controller here again bringing you a simple innovation to suppress TNT scattering and a chance to reduce lag while using TNT(in huge numbers).

This plugin totally takes control over the TNT entity and it will affect TNT cannons rendering them unusable. This is a new method to handle TNT explosions so use it or not use it as you wish. This will also suppress but not completely stop TNT scattering and it does reduce lag and stress on the server whenever blowing up things. It also includes a minor fix for TNT in creative mode.


  • Suppress TNT scattering
  • Reduce lag
  • Compiled in Java 7 environment! You must use Java 7!
  • Minor fix for TNT whenever in creative mode (Stops TNT from dropping a item drop whenever destroying it in creative mode)

To Do

  • Currently nothing, I MIGHT add a config to disable the TNT suppressor in some worlds (if enough people demands for it).


Version 1.1

  • Changed event priority to low

Version 1.0

  • First release