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This plugin adds Ender Doors to the game, which can transport players to their own private Ender Room!


Ender Door

When a player walks into an open Ender Door, they are taken to their own 12*12*12 room that only they can have access to! The room will be the same for any Ender Door they walk through, no matter where they are. You can craft an Ender Door using the following recipe:


Ops can obtain an Ender Door by using /enderdoor. They can also use /enderroom [playername] to teleport to a player's space.

Keep in mind that this plugin generates a new world called "EnderDoors", which is where the spaces are kept. If you don't think your server can handle multiple worlds, then do not use this plugin.

Ender Keys

An Ender Key can be connected to a player's Ender Room. Right-clicking with an Ender Key in your hand or clicking on an item frame with this item will take you to the room that it is attached to, but only if you are already inside the Ender Doors world. Create an Ender Key leading to your Ender Room by right-clicking the exit portal in your room with an Eye of Ender, and give it to someone else to give them access to your room!

    description: Allows player to use /enderdoor and /space [player] commands
    default: op

    description: Allows player to use Ender Doors
    default: true

    description: Allows player to craft Ender Doors
    default: true
  shapeless: false
  '1': obsidian
  '2': eye_of_ender
  '3': obsidian
  '4': eye_of_ender
  '5': iron_door
  '6': eye_of_ender
  '7': obsidian
  '8': eye_of_ender
  '9': obsidian


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