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This plugin is prevents to use potions with very high power or long time.


  • If logged in player has potion effect that not allowed to use - this effect will be removed from player.
  • If player trying to use unallowed potion - potion bottle will be removed.

Why I need this plugin?

Sometimes server admins discover that players use potions with "fanstastic" parameters (power 100 and long duration time). These potions can be bring to the game with another plugins. Even if you disable that plugin potion effects and bottles can stay in game for a long time. To remove effects of these forbidden potions you must use this plugin.


  • /potionfix — reload configuration


  • potionfix.reload — allows to use /potionfix command
  • potionfix.ignore — allows to use forbidden potions


  power: 20 # Maximum allowed potion power
  time: 10h # Maximum allowed potion duration time (Example: 1h - 1hour, 24m - 25 min, 50s - 50 seconds)
item-to-replace: POTION # Replacement-item for forbidden potion
remove-all-effects-on-join: false # false - to remove only forbidden effects
save-actions-to-log: true # Report about every determined forbidden action


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