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Portal Guns allows you to use Portal Guns from Portal and Portal 2 in Minecraft!

How do you get a portal gun? All wooden pickaxes are portal guns, so you can put a custom resource pack on to make them look like actual portal guns. Each player can place a blue and yellow portal, and they are lost on disconnect. All iron boots act as long fall boots; players will never take fall damage while wearing them.

What can travel through a portal?

All entities can travel through portals, and on top of that, you also keep your momentum whilst travelling through a portal, meaning you can jump into a portal from a high ledge, and fly out of another portal on the wall somewhere, with the same momentum you went in with.

Where can I place a portal?

Like in Portal, only white surfaces can conduct portals. In the plugin, only:

  • Iron Blocks
  • End Stone Bricks
  • Quartz Blocks are portal conductors.

Cubes All diamond blocks act as cubes. You can pick them up by right clicking, and you will automatically put it in your offhand


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