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PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack 3?!


PON3 Gaming

Class Information and Questions.

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Boring stuff about me. Skip if you don't care to know.

Hay there! I'm the previous owner of the My Little Pony based PON-3 Gaming Servers! ( http://www.pon3gaming.com/ ) and I believe that knowledge should be shared, alas this means that anyone should be able do what our server does! (Even if that brings in some competetors. ;D) So I'm going to share my development of the PON-3 Gaming Pony Pack with all of you! I hope you do enjoy my work and I hope to see some servers popping up that use this plugin!

Previous plugins that lead up to this...





What it does.

This plugin will bring entirely new functionality to your server, adding classes, skills, class-levels, class specializations for a pony-based roleplay experience! The source code is included in the jar!

Servers that use this

(Comment if you have a server that uses this and want free advertisement! I personally go to many of these servers.)

  • PON-3 Gaming: mc.pon3gaming.com (The creator's server. The perfect place to see this mod in action! Click the picture up top to go to the website!)
  • ====== Servers ======
  • Equestrian Realm: mc.equestrianrealm.com
  • Pony Paradise:
  • ====== Unnamed Servers ======


Pretty self explanatory for now.

To do list...

  • Optional logging/rollback capability
  • Bit based economy.
  • Armor based passive abilities.
  • Retrieve ideas from PMs/comments and use them to better the plugin.

The source is currently unavailable.

If you want to see some new feature in the pony pack, leave the idea in the IDEAZ SECTION! I'd love to hear your ideas and implement them!