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Filename PlotSquared-Bukkit-4.353.jar
Uploaded by NotMyFaulti
Uploaded Sep 8, 2019
Game Version 1.14
Size 3.48 MB
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MD5 2184b479707dff6ed8f021b6c4ced0b5
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Matt just pushed some changes regarding fixes, updates, improvements, API documentations and much more. Generally, it's just a small update.


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Relatively minor update:
Added a "kelp-grow" flag
Reformatted debug paste logs
Fixed being able to place buckets of lava and water in other people's plots. (Issue #2435)
Fixed "IllegalArgumentException: value already present" (Issue #2423)
Fixed template exporting
Migrated Templates to new format for Minecraft 1.13 and up. (Delete your /templates/ folder)
Fixed a typo in DebugUUID
Fixed a bug with addplots.js (Issue #2013)
Replace annotations in code from javax to JetBrains
Updated Mojang UUID fetcher
Added a message for success and failure of removing comments from plots.
Various documentation tweaks for the API.
Added an invalid world name checker.
Created fixborders.js
Added an invalid world name check

Added a null check for the very unlikely chance that a command isn't found

Fixed issues with generating chunks

Removed unused translation strings
Add toggle for plot time

Removed outdated pom

Fix branch name in settings.yml

Fixed gradle script with Grgit

Modified internal configuration classes, Updated Mojang UUID fetcher, other various method and documentation tweaks

Added null checks to validation task

Version number fixes, fixed documentation, new caption added, and tweaks to API functionality

More bug fixes and code tweaks

Updated Gradle to 5.6.2


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-MattBDev + NotMyFault

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