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If you need a warning plugin, well this is the plugin for you!! This plugin is a simple warning plugin that may possibly help out your server!


  • /w <Player> <Reason> - This is the warning command for players if they get into trouble.
  • /warn <Player> <Reason> - This does the same thing as /w.


  • playerwarn.use - Allows players to use this plugin. This is the only permission!

What this plugin does

This plugin has a feature to kick the player.

  • 1st warning: The player gets a message saying the reason they got warned.
  • 2nd warning: The player gets kicked for the reason you warned them
  • 3rd warning: The player gets kicked again
  • Last warning: A ban and the reason

Things to note

  • This has NOT been tested on all server versions. It works with 1.8 - 1.10 so far.
  • This plugin should work with all versions of BUKKIT servers, I don't know if it works on SPIGOT servers

Wrap up

  • Thank you for reading this description!
  • Hope this plugin helps your server!


  • I rarely reply to comments or read them, I'm sorry, but, I'm busy most of the day.


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