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Hey plugin devs! This is a simple interface collection for plugin to plugin bridges. Basically, it tells other plugins even more about your plugin and adds new events. NONE OF THESE EVENTS ARE CALLED AUTOMATICALLY, NONE OF THESE INTERFACES ARE IMPLEMENTED AUTOMATICALLY!

Currently provided interfaces(by plugin categories):

  • BlockProtectionPlugin - A plugin which protects blocks (e.g. LWC)
  • BroadcastingPlugin - A plugin which automatically broadcasts messages, tips etc.
  • ChatPlugin - Plugin, that handles players' prefixes,suffixes and colors.
  • EconomyPlugin - Money handling plugin (e.g. iConomy)
  • GUIPlugin - Plugin which lets you manage server through GUI
  • HelpPlugin - A plugin which provides information about commands
  • InfoPlugin - Provides /rules & /whois
  • IRCPlugin - Connects your server with an IRC channel or creates an IRC server.
  • LevelingPlugin - Handles leveling up in various abilities
  • MOTDPlugin - Message of the day sending plugin
  • PermissionsPlugin - Permissions handling plugin
  • ShopPlugin - Shop providing plugin
  • WandUsingPlugin - Uses wand for block selection (e.g. WorldEdit)
  • WarpPlugin - Provides warps and/or homes.
  • WebAdminPlugin - Lets you manage your server through website

Current events:

  • BlockProtectionChangeEvent - Block changes its protection status
  • GUIWindowOpenEvent - GUIPlugin opens its main window
  • IRCChatEvent - Someone on IRC sends chat message
  • MotdSendEvent - MOTDPlugin sends MOTD to a player
  • PermissionChangeEvent - Player's permission state changes
  • PlayerCashEvent - Player pays something or gets money
  • PlayerLevelChangeEvent - Player levels up in an ability
  • PlayerPrefixChangeEvent - Player's prefix changes
  • PlayerSuffixChangeEvent - Player's suffix changes
  • PlayerWarpEvent - Player warps
  • PluginWandChangeEvent - WandUsingPlugin changes its wand
  • PtPTradeEvent - Player trades something to another player
  • ShopBuyEvent - Player buys something in the shop
  • ShopChangeEvent - Some item in the shop changes its buyable/sellable state
  • ShopPriceChangeEvent - Item in shop changes price
  • ShopSellEvent - Player sells some items into shop

Feel free to make a suggestion for a new interface/event.

Online javadoc: Zipped javadoc:

If your plugin implements some of PII's interface(s)

Please post a comment with link on its DevBukkit's page and it'll appear here.


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