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PetersPackage For Minecraft 1.6

Welcome. I have been developing this plugin for a long time, and I still do. Now it is a very great and powerful plugin, and I thought I would share it with you guys.
This plugin has a lot of commands, for both users and OPs. It can also make signs different signs, for example:
A sign that says [pp] on the first line, will be changed to:


A sign that says [welcome] will be changed to a welcome message for the server.


  • Lots of both user and OP commands
  • Automatic signs
  • Prefixes for Player, Admin and Owner
  • Custom MOTD

Commands and Permissions
[] are optional and <> are not

/away <player>Moves given player to either spawn, or his home.pp.awayOP
/backpack/bpOpen players backpack (Enderchest) which is 100% safepp.backpackUser
/clearinventory/ciClear your inventorypp.clearinventoryUser
/coinFlip a coinpp.coinUser
/creativeChange gamemode between survival and creative. If player does not have permission, he/she will be set to survival.pp.creativeOP & User
/die/suicideKill yourselfpp.dieUser
/hatSet your helnet to a hat or an itempp.hatUser
/heal <player>Heal playerspp.healOP
/hit <player>Hit players. If player do not have permission, he will be hitpp.hitOP & User
/homeTeleport to your home, or bedpp.homeUser
/idGet the id of the block you are holdingpp.idUser
/inv <player> [enderchest]/inventoryOpen other players inventory and enderchest (Only if they are online)pp.invOP
/itemname <name>Set your items namepp.itemnameUser
/killKill players. If player do not have permission, he will be killedpp.killOP & User
/loc <location>/locationGet coordinates of a location. Valid locations is: spawn - homepp.locUser
/motdGet servers motd (will also be shown on login)pp.motdUser
/msg <player> [message]/messageSend private messages to playerspp.msgUser
/name <name>Change your display namepp.nameUser
/peterspackage/ppShow help for this pluginbukkit.command.helpUser
/rain/toggledownfallToggle downfallbukkit.command.toggledownfallOP
/send <player>Sends your item in hand to given playerpp.sendUser
/sethomeSets your home at your current locationpp.sethomeUser
/setspawnSets spawn at your current locationpp.setspawnOP
/spawnTeleport to spawnpp.spawnUser
/time <day:night>Set servers timepp.timeOP
/tree <treetype>Plant a treepp.treeOP
Only permissions
Gives player a prefix called: [Player] in yellowpp.player´User
Gives player a prefix called: [Admin] in bluepp.adminFalse
Gives player a prefix called: [Owner] in darkredpp.ownerOP
Allows player to create auto changing signspp.signTrue


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