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With this plugin you can create Shop-Signs with which you can buy or sell permissions with your ingame money (economy!) There are no commands, just permissions! If the permission is longer than 15 charaters you just have to place another sign! This plugin needs Vault installed! You can download it from this site!


Creating a sign for short permissions

To create a sign, place a sign and write

Line 1: pmshop

Line 2: buy | sell

Line 3: <permission>

Line 4: <price>




And after you place it it looks like this:  




Creating a sign for long permissions

But if the permission is very long you have to place 1 more sign next to the normal permission shop sign:

Line 1: pmshop

Line 2: multi

Line 3: <permission>

Line 4: <nothing>





 What happens when you try to buy or sell a permission 2 times in a row:




Commands & Permissions


Commands Permissions Function




 permissions to create buy and sell signs



 to buy and sell permissions




Simply drag and drop the .jar file in your plugins folder and restart/reload/start your server.



New Features

If you have any ideas for new features feel free to leave a comment!




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