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PermissionSigns is a simple, easy to use plugin which allows you to sell permissions to players. You can sell permissions to players permanently or just for a defined amount of time, after which the permission will be removed from the player. This will allow server owners to have more control over what commands players can use and limit them to the amount of times they use it. To create a sign Type /ps create and follow the instructions sent to you.

f When a player clicks the sign they will be given the permission linked to the sign for the amount of time and cost specified. In the event of a server restart/reload or if the player leaves the time left will be saved and will continue to count down when the player rejoins.


Thanks to ingrownpenguin for the great video.


  • /ps create
  • /ps add name [name]
  • /ps add perm [perm:anotherperm:anotherperm] - (Single or multiple permissions can be added. When using multiple, seperate them with a : for example /ps add perm random.perm:your.perm:my.perm)
  • /ps add duration [duration] (Set to 0 for no removal timer)
  • /ps add cost [cost] (set to 0 for free of charge signs.)


No config settings


  • permissionsigns.use : Allows players to use the permission signs.
  • permissionsigns.admin : Allows players to create/destroy permissionsigns


  • This plugin requires Vault


  • Added command to create signs so longer permissions will fit.
  • Added pretty colours


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