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Vault have to be installed in order for this to work

You could upgrade your blockgroups protection to protect from more types such as interaction pvp block and more This plugin let's you protect chunks with the use of money. everything inside of this plugin is based on economy. Claiming chunks costs and you could sell your blockgroups and Upgrading of protection cost's. This plugin also let's you monitor and control your blockgroups protections and systems.

PayBlock can protect from All Damage types, Explosions, Pvp, Interactions and Block protection.

Everyone of thoose protections could be turned on/off by the owner of the blockgroup


  • Block Protection
  • Interact Protection
  • Damage Protection
  • Protection monitor (Custom per blockgroup)
  • Protection systems that could be turned on/off via commands
  • Pvp protection
  • Explosion protection
  • Over 30 commands
  • Upgrading Protection lvl
  • Let's you add friends to your blockgroup that could ovveride certain protections such as Block protection and interact protection
  • Selling and buying of blockgroups
  • Admin controlling commands
  • + more

Video tut


  • Pb.Use : Let's player use /pb commands
  • Pb.Creation : Gives permission to use /pb new
  • Pb.Admin: Let's player use /payblock commands
  • Pb.* gives all permissions

User Commands (Aviable for thoose with permission pb.Use

  • /pb: Sends general info
  • /pb help : i think you get this one (Ps: it sends this list)
  • /pb n [Name]: Creates a new Blockgroup with the name [Name].
  • /pb i [Name]: Sends information about [Name] blockgroup
  • /pb t [Name]: Starts claim tool for [Name]
  • /pb tstop: Stops claim tool.
  • /pb like [Name]: Likes name
  • /pb entermsg [Name] [Msg]: Sets entermessage for [Name] to [Msg]
  • /pb leavemsg [Name] [Msg]: Sets leavemessage for [Name] to [Msg]
  • /pb delete [Name[: Deletes [Name]
  • /pb f [Name] add [PlayerName]: Adds [PlayerName] to [Name]'s friends list
  • /pb sell [Name] [Price] : Set's [Name]'s sell mode to on with the price [Price]
  • /pb sellstop [Name]: Stops sell mode for [Name]
  • /pb buy [Name]: Buys [Name] blockgroup for the asked price
  • /pb f [Name] remove [PlayerName] : Removes [playername] from [Name]'s friend list. Tip: It's case sensitive
  • /pb f [Name] clear : Clears [Name]'s friend list
  • /pb p [Name] upgrade : Upgrades [Name]'s protection lvl
  • /pb p [Name] m: Monitors protection systems
  • /pb p [Name] d : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] b : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s block protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] p : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s pvp protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] e : Turns blockgroup [Name]'s explosion protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d hunger: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s hunger damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d fall: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s fall damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d mob: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s mob damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d explosion: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s explosion damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d drown: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s drown damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d lava: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s lava damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] d fire: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s fire damage protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i lever: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s lever interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i door: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s door interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i button: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s button interact protection on/off
  • /pb p [Name] i repeater: Turns blockgroup [Name]'s repeater interact protection on/off
  • /pb setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Sets blockgroup [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]

Admin Commands (Aviable for thoose with permission pb.Admin

  • /Payblock: Sends general admin info
  • /Payblock help: sends admin help
  • /Payblock delete [Name]: Deletes [Name] Blockgroup
  • /Payblock tool [Name] : Starts claim tool for [Name]
  • /Payblock setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Set's [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]

Console Commands (Aviable through console)

  • /Payblock: Sends general console info
  • /Payblock help: Console payblock help
  • /Payblock i [Name] : Send's general info of [Name]
  • /Payblock delete [Name] : Delete's [Name] Blockgroup
  • /Payblock setowner [Name] [PlayerName]: Set's [Name]'s owner to [PlayerName]


I have plans for making a tutorial video if no one else does it.

Upcomming features

  • New Notifying to upgrade (pb notify [Name] upgrade (Exactly like /pb p [Name] u)
  • Soundeffets when entering/leaving blockgroups (Upgradeable through /pb notify)
  • Effects when entering
  • Alarm trespassing system
  • Hidden blockgroups
  • Better way of handeling friends
  • Auction system
  • potion effects in Blockgroups
  • Entry protection
  • suggestions in comments below :D

Please comment or pm me to say your thoughts about the plugin (It helps me alot!)

Payblock by: Cevin Wahlstedt alias: CevinWa


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