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The idea of Pathways is fairly simple, allows you to control the walking speed of your players on certain blocks. It is simple to use, has one command with 2 permissions.


  • Simplicity
  • Maximum possible speed in Minecraft
  • Command to view blocks stats


  • pathways.use - Allows use of /pw <blockname> and speeding up on blocks
  • pathways.admin - Allows management of the blocks - /pw add <block> <speed> | /pw remove <block> | /pw set <block> speed


Options in [] brackets are optional
Only command is /pathways (/pw) To use it type: (pathways.use)
  • /pw <blockname> [<id>] to see info about the block
To control blocks type: (pathways.admin)
  • /pw add <block> [<id>] <speed> - Registers the block speedup
  • /pw set <block> [<id>] <speed> - Changes the block speedup
  • /pw remove <block> [<id>] - Removes speedup
  • /pw reload - Reloads the config
Default <speed> value is 4

Made for a plugin request here.

Thats it for today, thanks for reading!
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